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Educational Farm...
Farm Flax is also an opportunity for children to discover the life of a farm without animals and learn about different cultures as wheat, canola, peas, beets ... and especially flax and its derivatives.
Come to the farm is an appeal to curiosity, reflection and acquisition of knowledge that offer educational materials in many areas.
- Discover the world: Domain sensorial use its various senses;
- Discovering objects and matter: acting on matter such as lint, thread, anas, seeds .. and use of technologies such as pitch, the spinning wheel, the loom:
- Discover the living: identifying the characteristics of the plant world with different cultures. Stages of development and conditions of a living being (the plant);
- Find yourself in space to navigate in unfamiliar surroundings: the farm with the help of photos, layout or plan by level;
- Geography: Farming in France: a farming area;
- Find yourself in time: your bearings in the year, seasons and plant life;
- History: The Industrial Revolution: technological advances;
- Safety Education: Explore the field of environment: respect the environment (respect of the premises) to comply with safety rules developed on the farm;
- Shapes and sizes: Puzzle;
- Language: Learn to speak explain vocabulary, naming objects, include a rule of play, explaining the use of an object, ask questions ...
- Read information signs, prose literature to solve riddles;
- The look and gesture,
visual arts: experimenting with new materials such as lint, perform a composition by volume, drawing different elements of the real (agricultural machinery ...)
Specialized workshops allow children to learn about the various activities of a farm.
a class, a video on their flax will be presented and a demonstration of different stages from seed to tissue.

Various workshops will be offered :
Discovering machinery. Discovering the different cultures farm from seed.

Scutching flax by hand with a pitch..

Combing the fibers.

Spinning spindle and spinning wheel

Weaving on small looms.

Discovering the farm from a game of goose-size.

Kitchen making cookies with flax.

Doll making linen.

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